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Hhypalon repair patches

Hypalon Repair Patches

Hypalon repair patches for your RIB, dinghy or other inflatable craft. Care must be taken to order the correct material for your craft. If you are uncertain what material to use, please contact us and we can help you.

Round Hypalon repair patch

Round Hypalon repair patches for your RIB, dinghy or other inflatable craft. We can also perform mobile RIB repair and may be able to come to you to carry out the required repair, this will be determined by Location, weather, availability

The advantage of a round patch

  • No corners to pick up
  • Less of a leading edge if place on the water line
  • Great surface area around small punctures

Square/rectangular hypalon patches

Square or rectangular patches are for those longer repairs that are too big for a simple round patch

Advantage of square/ rectangular patches

  • They can be made to look less like a repair patch
  • The option is there for longer slits
  • Rounded corners so larder to get caught and begin to peel

Repair kit

The parts and tools you need to carry out a repair on your inflatable.

If you would like one of these kits please feel free contact us.

You can find helpful instructional videos here RIB repair videos

when working with hypalon here is a guide to preparing the fabric

Downloadable instructions

Tools required

  • Roller or rounded flat object
  • Brush
  • Abrasive paper
  • Scissors
  • Heat gun
  • Acetone/solvent
  • 1 or 2 part adhesive
  • Hypalon fabric
  • Patience


We are based in Yeovil, Somerset but will also work in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

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