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It is important to note that adhesives need time to cure, upon return of your boat the customer/owner is expected to take extra care for at least 2 weeks from point of return this allows time for adhesives to cure, this cure time may be extended during hot periods i.e over 25c

1. each inflatable boat and the equipment attached to it is manufactured without manufacturing defects. The warranty is valid for Goods that were purchased from ribfix.

2. The warranty came into force from the moment of retube completion. This warranty is in accordance with the following:

• on fabric of inflatable elements of the boat, the guarantee against cracking, porosity and decay is provided:

• 2 years HYPALON;

⦁ if orca supplied fabric there will be 5 year fabric warranty, if it was sourced within uk it may not have fabric warranty, this will be down to supplier.

• The product as a whole have a 2-year warranty.

3. Due to the fact that this warranty is valid only in case of a manufacturing defect, it is not applicable to normal wear and tear, or damage caused by the following reasons:

• non-compliance by the owner of the boat with instructions of the manufacturer for operation and maintenance;

• operation of boats with increased loads, participation or preparation for races or competitions of another kind;

• mechanical damage to the boat

• changes in boat construction, installation of additional elements on the structure, or removal by persons, who were unaccredited;

4. This warranty does not cover incidental or indirect costs such as boat transportation, launching, towing, storage, any communication costs, or rental of funds, waste of time, loss, or other consequential damages. Warranty service does not include the cost of accidents or their consequences.

5. The method of repair and its location are determined by our official representative i.e myself or chris. The owner pays the costs associated with transportation to the place of repair.

6. In case that the manufacturer’s fault is established, manufacturer is obliged to eliminate the faults (defects) on the product within the stipulated time limits with the drawing up of the complaint settlement act. In this case, the material costs for troubleshooting are borne by the manufacturer.

7. If it is determined that the malfunction and (or) defects occurred due to the owner’s fault, the manufacturer reserves the right to revoke the warranty obligations to the consumer. In this case, the elimination of faults, defects and damage is done by mutual agreement of the parties and paid by the owner.

8. Boats are accepted for warranty, after-warranty repair and after-sales service only in a dry and clean form.

9. the warranty obligations for the parts replaced will end when warranty period of the boat ends.

pvc repairs

due to the inconsistent quality and condition of pvc fabrics we do not offer any warranty on pvc repairs.

p.u repairs

we do not warranty any p.u repairs,

hypalon repairs

warranty on hypalon repairs is subject to our trained professionals discretion, factors such as age,condition will play a large roll in whether or not it will be covered


We are based in Yeovil, Somerset but will also work in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

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