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Inflatable Tube Service

Any inflatable regularly checked for faults or potential issues will last considerably longer.

annual tube or Inflatable Service

Inflatable tubes will last considerably longer if regularly serviced. We can service the tube of your RIB, dinghy or other inflatable craft and rectify problems before they get worse. This is particularly important at the beginning of each season, as we all know that prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure...

Most inflatables that have seen use for a few years will have lifting edges, frayed patches, and other minor faults and defects that can make you're rib look tatty, aged, damaged or unusable, fortunately we can usually fix that and get you back on the water, all it usually takes is a quick call and to get yourself booked in

we will look around the rib and work out what is required give you an idea for the repair cost, if this is accepted we will usually go around clean up and prep any trouble areas and repair accordingly. depending on work load and the job in hand, this can take a few hours.


We are based in Yeovil, Somerset but will also work in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

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