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Inflatable craft, such as Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) and Dinghies have been very popular for many years. Being inflatable, they have many advantages over non-inflatable craft but they can be susceptible to punctures, air leaks and abrasive damage. On the up side, they can usually be repaired with the right products and skills. That is where we at RibFix come in.

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Ribfix inflatable tube services

With nearly twenty years of experience in the inflatable boat/marine industry, some would consider us as an inflatable boat specialist, there are very few areas where we would not be able to assist in. We can carry out repairs on RIB tubes, fenders, dinghies, hot tubs, paddle boards etc and if required, sell you repair products and give advice. We only like to sell products we have tried, tested and use personally so we know our customers are receiving quality items and have the best chance of making a successful repair. To help I have compiled several informative videos to aid you along the way, they can be found here Videos or by looking in the footer where you will find many other informative pages.

What services can we provide?

  • Retube
  • Supply tube for your RIB
  • New collar/ inflatable Tube fitting
  • Cleaning
  • RIB Repairs
  • Mobile tube repairs

Rib Tube Replacement - Retube - Collar Replacement

When the tube of your inflatable boat is beyond repair its time to have it replaced with new Hypalon RIB collar tube, within the industry this is often called a Retube and can bring an old worn out rib back to life providing the hull is in good order. This is also known as re-tube, Retubing, RIB Retube, collar replacement, sponson replacement.

To see Orca fabric choices Orca colour chart, these fabrics can take up to 3 weeks to arrive so plenty of notice must be given when ordering direct. Once fabric has been chosen and the order has been placed, we will be unable to make changes to this, unless another customer will agree to having it at short notice and deposit has been given.

Mobile tube repair

We offer a Mobile Tube Repair Service, so we can come to you, repair your rigid inflatable boat, parts and tubes. This service is subject to weather conditions, location and time schedule. Once RIB Repairs are completed they should always be left for several hours to cure before use, if the issue is around or below water line it may take extra time and will require the area to be thoroughly dried out for the best chance of repair.

Paddleboard Repair

SUP or Paddleboards have become increasingly popular over the years. Being inflatable, they have many advantages over their rigid (non-inflatable) cousins like portability and buoyancy, however they are susceptible to punctures, air leaks and abrasive damage. They can usually be repaired with the right products and skills.

Dinghies and tenders

Often dinghies, tenders, support boats will get damaged, not just when launching or coming out of the water but while at sea or in a lake, on shallow rocks and perhaps on the side of yachts or other boats. so make sure you check them from time to time for abrasive damage and if required get it repaired before it is too late

Rigid Inflatable Boat - RIB

Rigid Inflatable Boat aka R.I.B is a rigid hull usually made from GRP with an inflatable top. They are fast and stable and make great rescue craft, work boats and are very popular as sports boats and pleasure craft. For more information on the rigid inflatable boat.

The 'tube' is normally made of Hypalon (the most common after 2015), PVC (the most common before 2015) or Polyurethane (quite rare). You must be sure of what material the inflatable tube is made of before contemplating any repair. For help working out which yours is see "is my boat PVC, P.U or Hypalon?"

Inflatable Dinghy

The ubiquitous inflatable dinghy, sometimes known as a Soft Inflatable Boat SIB has been around for years. They are the tender of choice for most yachtsmen, they are very stable on the water and can easily be deflated and stowed when not in use. Inflatable dinghies are also used for pleasure and as survival craft. For more information on the inflatable dinghy.

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard - SUP

The Inflatable Paddleboard is an inflatable version of a regular stand up paddle board. They are easy to transport when deflated and relatively light. The higher the pressure the stiffer board will be and a thicker board is also stiffer more buoyant but less maneuverable. For more information on the S.U.P or stand up paddleboard.

Paddleboards are normally made of PVC. But you must be sure of what material the paddle board is made of before contemplating any repair.

See what our customers are saying

Having punctured the bow of our rib, I was desperate to avoid ruining the remaining weeks of summer for the rest of the family. Tom responded to my messages, repaired the damage very quickly and reasonably - and basically saved summer (and my bacon!). I can't recommend Ribfix enough.

Dusie Dsummer saved

Ribfix re-tubed my Narwhal 4.5m Rib. The service, job, professionalism and finish was excellent, I wouldn’t hesitate to re use again and again. Clearly very experienced and gave great advice with their experience etc. The communication was superb throughout and better than this was they delivered on time and budget which is rare in this day and age. Many many thanks.

Joe HutchRibfix retube my narwhal 4.5

Super Workmanship - repaired Cobra tubes really well and fast and very good price - really appreciate coming over so soon. Highly recommended

Richard Ricesuper workmanship

I bumped into Tom by chance, needed a few bits done on my Scorpion Rib. Superb job, just cracked on, solved problems, sources the parts and finished the job brilliantly.

Highly recommend!

Thomas FrameBrilliant job, very well done

Great bespoke and personal service. Tom communicated well, answering calls, calling back, and discussing our needs. Tom's 'can do' approach ensured that a difficult job became do-able within a budget. We will be using Ribfix again. Recommended.

Mark WatsonGreat Bespoke and personal experience

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We are based in Yeovil, Somerset but will also work in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

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