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Ribcraft 5.85 meter tube repair

Inflatable tube | collar repair

Inflatable tube collars will inevitably get damaged over time and through use. Depending on the nature of the problem, repairs on your inflatable can range from a simple patch, right up to a complete overhaul. Usually when carrying out rib repairs we will do our best to disguise it, make it symmetrical and more visually pleasing. We carry out a wide range of tube repairs / re-gluing, adding accessories such as handles, life lines, anchor points, wear patches, paddle holders and other cosmetic improvements.

Rib and inflatable tube repair

Some pretty, some not so pretty. it is not the most glamorous part of the job but we do our best to keep your boat looking in good order and where possible will try to hide signs of repair, making it look like something that may be original styling/ decorative strips.

When repairing a scrape its usually ok to repair with an outer patch on its own, let the pressure out of the tube not so much that it is soft and wrinkled but enough that it is not rock hard, then mark out and prep the area, prime the both the patch and the tube, following the adhesive instructions, cover the lid while the prime coat cures, after an hour or more glue both surfaces and wait till its tacky but not coming off on your fingers then place the two glued surfaces together, using pressure smooth the patch from the center outwards and roll, immediately afterwards let the tube down soft and leave for 24 hrs.

When doing an actual punctures its usually a good idea to patch it inside and out, this process is the same as above but depending on the slash or puncture hole you may need to open the hole up bigger to gain access for prepping the inside surface, getting adhesive and a patch inside. make sure there are no creases or wrinkles inside before doing the outer repair patch.

ribcraft damaged by prop

here is a repair on a ribcraft that was damaged by the propeller on another boat

propeller damage to ribcraft strake and tube
ribcraft rib tube damage
close up of damage
after it has been repaired
close up of repair to ribcraft rib tube repair

Rib repairs

Here are some examples of rib repairs we have carried out.

Ribcraft with a number of tube repairs
Mercury quicksilver pvc rib repair and clean
Arctic Blue 37 RIB "Freya" dome end repairs old fabric
Jam cleat for holding mooring or anchor rope at a set distance
Scorpion cabin rib
Cone end damage repair
Bimney moulding fitting
Transom replacement on  a ribtec
Scorpion bow fairlead
Double teardrop rubbing strake replacement
Humber 5m rib after cleaning
Ribcraft enlarged rope patch to cover a leaking patch in bristol
Bwm from Christchurch replaced a short section of strake
Repaired a ribcraft cone seam where a propeller caught it for rya cardiff wales
Valiant rib from yeovil
Deep sea inflatables, complete overhaul

Inflatable tube damage,falling apart and bad repairs

Here are some images of rib tubes we where asked to repair some we have some that couldn't be fixed.

We will do what we can to help you but sadly sometimes we can't.

Attempted repair with liquid metal
Heavily damaged hypalon
Ribtec falling apart
Ribtec tube and Hull separation
Underneath strip and tube falling off the hull
Ribtec tube attempting to separate from the hull
Handles attached with no more nails
Pattle chock no more nails
Leaking wear patches
Rubbing strake repair


We are based in Yeovil, Somerset but will also work in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

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