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Inflatable Tube Cleaning

RIB tubes get dirty, mouldy and need some love, however some products are not safe to use on the inflatable tubes and you should be careful use a small area to test before going for it.

Inflatable tube cleaning

Your RIB or inflatable boat will get dirty, especially if you do not keep it covered when not in use. If your craft is looking dirty and you don't have the time to clean it or you have tried but there are still marks on it. We can help. We have special products and techniques for cleaning Hypalon and PVC (the most common tube construction materials) as clean as possible. Why not give us a call and let us do your dirty work for you?

If you are undertaking the cleaning yourself be patient use soft cloths and fine scourer. For the best results you can use highly diluted T.F.R then a sealer such as "August race uv sealer" to help protect the tube from getting more dirt etched in the the surface.

using solvents on tubes is not the best idea, it can do a great job cleaning and removing dirt,marks, stains the bad part is, it take layers of the surface which if done too regularly could dramatically reduce the fabric life.

Tube mould

Is an annoying issue that can keep returning, usually caused by using boat covers that are not breathable or leaving the boat in humid damp conditions. There are ways to help remove the marks such as home "mould remover" products but you should be very careful and only use small amounts and do not leave for more than 5 minutes before washing off. There are products like August race rib cleaner that are more directed towards the boating market.

Tubes cleaned before and after

Here are some before and after pictures of some previous cleaning jobs we have done.

Avon dinghy re sticking the rubbing strake
Avon half cleaned hypalon
humber with mould, and bad fading needing a lot of cleaning, before
humber after cleaning all the fading has come off
before  cleaning zodiac pro open tube
before cleaning zodiac pro open deck
before cleaning zodiac pro open deck bow
after cleaning the tubes on zodiac pro open
after cleaning zodiac pro open bow
after cleaning zodiac pro open bow deck


We are based in Yeovil, Somerset but will also work in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

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