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Get to know your RIB Tubes

here you will find information on the different types of RIB tubes to help give you a better understanding of the inflatable tube types

Sectional tubes

this type of tube is often required where there is a sharp incline towards the bow and in some cases tight curves on the hull. you can often distinguish this type of tube by its vertical seams where panels join together. These joins can be covered with a 30mm-50mm strip or in some cases have a 30mm overlap where no external tape is required.

the J tube

aptly named the J tube is referred to by its J shaped panels. Typically there are usually between 4 -6 panels including cone panels and they get joined together to make up the tube body. there is usually a top and bottom panel each side and two cone ends, one each side

D shaped tubes

this type of tube is one of the more difficult types not only to make but also to fit. the main advantage is allowing more deck space

The stepped tube

one of the more recent tube designs, the stepped tube is said to aid in tighter turning, self righting and heading in to bigger seas

Straight tubes

this type of tube may also be known as seamless, there is no visible seams and has the added advantage of less seams to join or leak however it is also a lot harder to fit and can sometimes have ripples on the inside where the fabric on the outside is curving , the inside will have excess. there are ways to eliminate this but it can be tricky.


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