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valliant pvc repair

preparing to repair pvc

here is a short guide to pvc repair preparation, would it be sanded? shouldn't it? what to use?

the first thing you should know is which way round the fabric should be used. While it would be nice to have the nice shiny side outside, it is actually the side that is glued.

examples of inside and the outside of the pvc fabric.

when pvc is new its flexible and often doesn't need any abrasive buffing you simply wipe it with MEK solvent and apply adhesive. As the fabric gets older it stiffens and the surface hardens, this is when it is a good idea to lightly scuff up the surface, here is an example how it should look and shouldn't look after preparing the surface.

sanding examples on pvc fabric

as you can see above when preparing pvc it melts to some degree instead of turning to fine dust like Hypalon.

primed pvc fabric

once it has been correctly prepared apply adhesive one thin prime coat, leave for an hour before applying second glued coat we have instructional videos to guide you the rest of the way.



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